Touch me once and your first lesson is free

Namaskar, to all the teachers who helped me to be confident JUST after 14 days of strike programme.

So starting with the first day where we were divided into teams namely Alpha Bravo and Charlie and given names in the form of A1,B1,C1…. so it looked like we are being taught as army people are taught, in the continuation with this we learnT single hand grab technique it was so fun that if our relatives or brothers hold our hand we can give them a good reflex action. The most important thing that I got to learn in this programme is to use my body weight and breathe out every time i needed extra power, now I know that by using body weight and breathe out I can attack hurt the person more badly, it becomes more lethal. I’d like to share an incident which like changed my life and most importantly me, so

 I was in grade 7th class and a known person like very close touched me badly but at that time I didn’t have so much brain to resist it and from then onwards it started and he used to like touch me badly and I didn’t feel comfortable but he is my relative so I was not able to give him good lesson but now after strike if he tries to touch me I will not only break his hand but also take out his eyes he won’t be able to see himself.

In the programme I learned several other techniques like front choke, back choke, hail pull, mouth grab, 360 degree oriental Ice-pick etc. Before telling us the technique we used to play games which like woke us from our sleep completely and the most interesting part was on Sunday where we walked as animal like frogs, snakes and our whole dress become wet and dirty but it was fun during the techniques when teachers used to tell us to do 5-5-5 example 5 squat 5 situp and 5 push up we also learn how to defend ourselves from knife attack and also take the knife from the attacker we learn how to punch, palm strike, side hammer, head bud, knee strike, elbow strike and also how to break someone’s nose.

I am really grateful to the entire strike team. Thank you teachers for building so much confidence and energy to shout and say

“Stay Away”

So teachers do remember we are the “Bahubalikas”