I feel confident enough to face up any challenge anytime and anywhere

My Experience from the STRIKE program.

From the day one , I already felt the feeling of unity, togetherness and friendly competition among my fellow mates. This fourteen day session has helped me improve a lot, that too in a very positive way.

I really appreciate the idea of grouping us all between three teams :- Alpha, Bravo and Charlie. The groups bonded us together and brought competition among us in a healthy way.
I belonged to Alpha or (supernovas )on which was the alternate name for our group  – The fourteen girls (my classmates) made a pretty good and strong team. I am proud to be from Alpha as our teams won respectfully. Although the other two teams Bravo and charlie gave us an immense competition to us. The instructors and all the members from this program portrayed a remarkable cooperation among themselves.

Our Instructors or trainers were really interactive and actually fun to be around with kind of person. I also got a cooperative and helpful partner along the whole session. The techniques and tricks taught by the instructors actually felt fruitful and would come in handy for any upcoming situations. 

Present day, I feel confident enough to face up any challenge anytime and anywhere.
I feel bold and can stand up for the right thing.Also between these few days, I gradually have some kind change mentally in a positive way. I feel physically strong.I feel blessed to attend these self defense classes from such-professional and the best coaches, I genuinely have met in entire life..

Kripa churiwala
Class X B Mody International School,