I am from Team Bravo and We are “Strike Bombs” ATOM Bombs.

My experience with Strike program is very good.I am mentally and physically the feeling Very Confident and strong and now I am like I am ready for walking alone on the Streets without getting Scared of attackers as Instructor Ma’am’s t-shirt says “Touch me and your first lesson is free”.

So now attackers be ready for your first free lesson.
The nature of all instructors was very nice, they were So So Sweet. At the starting. I thought it is just Karate or boxing I thought it will be so boring, but my first day itself was so good and subsequent days even better, everyday new learning, new games, new motivation. Now After 14 days so  that now am so sad that now there will be no strike  until next module. The most important thing was the way of teaching, every student is taken care of and taught properly. Very inclusive.
I am Very thankful of Team STRIKE that they taught me such a nice chapter of my life, It is very very important.

Sometimes it maybe tiring but because of games we play, fun we had, we all use to forget that we are tired.
There are 3 groups divided and the Competitions we have it’s hard but this strike is not only self defence it is good for your heath, mental health and I even learned that if we wished if we want it we will get it just Try, try and try don’t loose really fun though Sir /ma’am.

I am from Bravo team and we are “Strike Bombs” ATOM bombs.
We all are Strike warrior :: Confident Strike Warriors ::

Student, Class X Mody International School,