Self-defence is something that occurs naturally to every human-being, but one just needs the correct way to execute it

We read newspapers every day, expecting to catch up on the current affairs and gain knowledge but unfortunately, we see numerous negative stories and articles, simply based on violence against females; from little girls to elderly women. The grief that dawns upon us on getting to know about these heart-less and devastating things occurring in our own vicinity, we find it highly crucial for women to know a way to protect themselves. Although people are aware of mis-happenings, they don’t give a second thought about any way to protect themselves.

Self-defence has a lot of significance in our everyday lives, no matter how secure we think our society is. Self-defence is something that occurs naturally to every human-being, but one just needs the correct way to execute it. Statements like ‘women are powerless and always need a male to keep them out of danger’, ‘self-defence is a difficult thing to learn and cannot be mastered without years of practice’ and ‘self-defence needs extreme physical fitness to be learnt’ are all just misconceptions set up in the minds of the people of the generation. In fact, self-defence neither requires a learner to be brawny nor years of practice.

Our teachings include tactics from Krav Maga, Kali and Silat, which are battle-tested forms of self-defence. Strike Self Defense System is based on natural body movements which can be learnt expeditiously. It includes striking the attacker at vulnerable points to weaken them, saving yourself from being harmed. The efficiency of Strike Self Defense System makes trained women stronger than men in our experience. Learning Self-defence also establishes self-confidence, situational awareness and mindfulness is the learner. This also helps many to be responsible and independent citizens and be ready for any situation.

After much experience and thought, we, at the Ignite Foundation have come to the stance that the only way to secure women’s lives is for them to be independent and truly have power in their own hands, which are provided to them by learning self-defence.

By – Durga PS – XII